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Window Screens Provided by Rapid Screen Repair in Long Beach, CA

Roll-Away® Window Screens
These patent-pending screens are designed to disappear, as they roll up like a window shade when not in use, providing an unobstructed view without sacrificing ventilation. When you don't need it, the screen is concealed in an overhead housing, admitting 20% more light into the room.
Benefits of Roll-Away® Window Screens
Roll-Away® Window Screens are easy to install and operate. With a complete hardware package and instructions, each screen is installed in minutes, and the reversible design allows for flexible installation.

Each screen uses high-impact acetal hardware. In fact, the 4000 Series features an aluminum extruded drawbar to move freely in dual aluminum or vinyl guides, providing ultra-simple up and down movements at your fingertips.
Because the screen is concealed when not in use, dust does not accumulate, thus enhancing the screen's appearance and prolonging its life. Plus, our unique windowsill latching control system keeps screens sealed, preventing insect intrusion.
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